Wellhead & Christmas Tree Maintenance

Solar Alert offers a comprehensive Wellhead & Christmas Tree maintenance services for all existing sections including Casing Head, Casing Spool, Tubing Head and Christmas Tree  in two ( 2 ) different scope namely:-
a.    Preventive Maintenance ( PM )
b.    Corrective Maintenance ( CM )

  • In Preventive Maintenance, we provide:-
    wellmaintenance3•    Personnel & Equipment on call out for onshore & offshore locations
    •    Physical inspection of Wellhead and Christmas Tree component
    •    Lubrication of valves and actuator
    •    Injection of grease & sealant into Valve Body cavities
    •    Tubing Head Void Test
    •    Pressure / function test of valves & actuators
    •    Casing head pressure void test
    •    Corrosion and erosion inspection
    •    Cleaning, preservation & painting
    •    Inspection & work report
    •    Updating data & wellhead stack up configuration

    In addition, we will also conduct periodic maintenance which includes:-wellmaintenance1
    •    Critical Device Function Test ( CDFT ) using well bore pressure on all Christmas tree valves
    •    Cycling & Leak test on Surface Control Subsurface Valve (SCSSV ), Tubing Retrievable Surface Control Subsurface Safety Valve ( TRSCSSV ) and Wireline Control Subsurface Safety Valve (WRSCSSV )
    •    Function test on actuators
    •    Flushing of valves ( to remove undesirable foreign materials from internal of valve )
  • For Corrective Maintenance, we provide:-
    •    Personnel & Equipment on call out for onshore & offshore locations
    •    Setting  or Retrieving BPV’s / TWC’s
    •    Thread Chaser for H-Type BPV’s thread profile inside Tubing Hanger whilst under pressure using self equalizing lubricators
    •    Side Door Lubricators ( VR Plug installation) for Annulus Valve change out ( subject to space availability )
    •    Repair or replacement of component or parts i.e. valves, actuator, tree cap, fittings etc
    •    Repair works on valves, valve parts, valve assembly replacement, actuator or Christmas Tree change out
    •    Servicing / Repair / Refurbishment / Pressure Testing of valves & parts at our workshop
    •    Specialized Services such as gate valve milling

Note:    All Pressure Testing for PM & CM shall be conducted in accordance to API 6A.

Being a manufacturer of Wellhead and Christmas Tree, we can offer refurbishment of components or built replacement parts (particularly for old / outdated design) subject to availability of OEM drawings and commercial viability.
We can also prepare or assist clients in designing their Wellhead and Christmas Tree maintenance program.